Making the Cow Beds

Here is a look into what goes into providing the cows on our farm clean soft comfortable beds to lie in. The pictures are from start to finish and show how we take solid manure sterilize and dry it, with a process similar to composting, the finished product is essentially soil we then use for bedding….

New Blog Collaboration

We are proud to be one of the farm blogs included in a new blog aggregation project called Farmer Bloggers. If you want to read more farm blogs from across the United States all on one website head on over to Farmer Bloggers. With posts coming from 20 farm blogs the content is always new and fresh.

Making Cow Food

A few weeks ago we harvested our winter small grain crop to make it into a fermented cow food called silage. Here are a few pictures of the process. For more about some of the other things we feed our cows read What Do Cows Eat?

Planting the garden – Farm style!

Just remembered I had this post saved as a draft and never published it, silly me! Here are some pictures of how we prepped the soil (using a little overkill) for our garden.  We use our loader to get a scoop of the compost we make from the manure our cows leave behind.  We mixed the compost…